Copenhagen music scene

Just got back from holiday in Denmark. There I ate pickled herring and saw some truly terrible art. I also acquired a music listings mag in which I found some intriguing local band names. Here are my favourites.

A key is a key
Grizzly Twister
Death By Kite
Imagine I Had Hands
Turn On Tina
Twins Twins
The Poet Bastards
Dead Smiling Pirates
Green Concorde
Trad Lads
Little Yells A Lot
The Blue Van
Clapping Butterfly
Straight To Your Face
Wolf Lies Down
Sophisticated Ladies Sekstet
Boys in a Band
Cop On Fire
Crash Pop Rock
Foss and the Crazy Dudes
Wired Little Lady
Home at Seven
Instant Coma
Peter Hard
Rainy James


5 Responses to “Copenhagen music scene”

  1. Heheh… reminds me of my mum falling about laughing listening to the late great John Peel of an evening when I was a teenager. She was a massive Half Man Half Biscuit fan, mostly due to the obscure song titles (99% of Gargoyles Look Like Bob Todd, anyone?). Her favourite band names from the period are still Roaring Lard and the Bastard Kestrels.

  2. Haha – My favourite here are ‘Death by Kite’ and ‘Imagine I Had Hands’ – WTF! I’ve always enjoyed obscure band names ‘Massive Head Wound’ was also an old favourite, although I’m not sure whether that was real or it came to me during a binge drinking session… either way it was funny… at the time. To these, I’ll also add ‘Roaring Lard’ from Sadie’s message above… absolute genius. Cheers!!

  3. When People Were Shorter And Lived Near The Water was always a favourite of mine.

  4. Bass bastard Says:

    Hi there Richard

    Stumbled upon your post while googling our band name.
    If you like I can send a copy of our cd to you should you not already have one? 🙂
    Just send me an email with your address and I’ll send it to you.

    Hope to see you out there.
    Carsten (the bastard half of The Poet Bastards)

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