Disturbing mobile phone shop incident

I went to buy a new mobile phone the other day. I walked into the shop. Before I could even get to the display a young woman asked if I needed any help, fixing me with a strange steely glare. I said that I was just looking for the time being, but would make my mind up soon. She then proceeded to stand right next to me while I looked, waiting for me to decide. Making a sensible decision proved hard in these circumstances, but I just about managed it. I told her which one I wanted and we went to the counter.

As we went through the various stages of the purchase, her two male colleagues kept on carressing her with slow, deliberate lingering movements on the arm, face and shoulders every time they walked past. Then, when one had to leave the shop, he squeezed her tightly and kissed her, very nearly on the mouth, while I tried to decide what level of cover I wanted. She herself seemed indifferent to the attention, but her hard, unflinching gaze made it difficult to read what she might really make of it all.

By the time I left, I felt quite traumatised, as if waking from a bizarre, faintly erotic nightmare. 

And if that wasn’t weird enough, turns out my cameraphone is a portal to another dimension where the dinosaurs never became extinct! Bet there’s no cover for that happening…


One Response to “Disturbing mobile phone shop incident”

  1. william coyne Says:

    evil bastards…

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