Doctor Who’s political leanings

I have been pondering on how the various incarnations of Doctor Who would vote in a general election, were they British citizens. Here is what I think might be the case:

First Doctor (William Hartnell): Conservative
Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton): Labour
Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee): Conservative
Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker): Labour
Fifth Doctor (Peter Davidson): Liberal Democrat
Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker): UK Independence Party
Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy): Labour
Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann): Green Party
Ninth Doctor (Christopher Ecclestone): Liberal Democrat, but as a protest vote against New Labour
Tenth Doctor (David Tennant): Would stand as an independent candidate


2 Responses to “Doctor Who’s political leanings”

  1. Very clever. The more topical DW-related issue has been processing The Master as the vulnerable Sam Tyler, when BBC America ran a marathon of Life on Mars recently in advance of the American version. And, by extension, processing the post Hugh Laurie influx of British Islesmen playing prime-time Americans: Jason O’Mara as Sam Tyler, Damian Lewis as Carlie Crews.

  2. Funnily enough, I wrote a piece roughly along these lines for a DW fanzine called Perigosto Stick. It was back in about 1990, before even McGann was a twinkle in Auntie’s eye, but I seem to recall it went something along the lines of:
    WH: Old-style Macmillan Conservative.
    PT: Groovy old professor at the Sorbonne in ’68, joining the young ‘uns on the barricades.
    JP: Early 70s NYC radical chic, inviting the Black Panthers to parties at his opulent Manhattan apartment.
    TB: Overgrown student union hack.
    PD: Either died nobly in the Spanish Civil War, or became a Cambridge spy.
    CB: Migrated during the 80s from Labour right, via the SDP, to born-again Thatcherite. Now has a column in The Times.
    SM: Green-flecked neo-Situationist.

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