OK here’s a question. When people type LOL, are they literally Laughing Out Loud as they do so? That is, not just a little snigger, but a full-blown guffaw? This surely cannot be happening with the frequency and intensity that the casual use of LOL suggests. Has anybody ever encountered someone in an Internet cafe, sat there, having hysterics at something they themselves have just thought of? And if this happens to them when writing a blog or an email, does it also happen to them whilst walking down the street, at work or on public transport? Can these people be found on the train, staring into space, seemingly LOL at nothing?

Either this is the case or the claim that one is LOL is often a gross exaggeration. I propose a new system of abbreviations that will describe people’s level of mirth more accurately.

LI = Laughing Internally

SSAOOJ = Smiling Slightly At One’s Own Joke

SIP = Smirking In Public

CD = Chuckling Discretely

LITOIADAFM = Laughing Insanely To Oneself In A Disturbing And Frightening Manner (formerly LOL)


2 Responses to “LOL”

  1. Charlie Brooker, or someone like that, once did a list of these. The only one I recall, sad to say, is

    JEOMK = Just Ejaculated On My Keyboard

    Googling for it now, I see it’s a widely used – or at least cited – acronym. Either the man has given new life to our language, or I remembered it from somewhere else.

  2. It was actually from the Onion. Here is their full list of internet abbreviations.

    LODLSM: Logged on dressed like Sailor Moon
    XIF: Christ, I’m fat
    DYHTNTMBG?: Did you hear the new They Might Be Giants?
    18/F/NYC: Pockmarked 64-year-old in bathrobe
    IHTWBSAP: I have trouble with basic spelling and punctuation
    JEOMK: Just ejaculated on my keyboard
    NTBUSWAB: Not to bring up Star Wars again, but…
    TOMTB: Taking off my training bra
    CILYIMBF?: Can I lock you in my basement forever?
    HOGMP: Hang on, getting more Pringles
    WSTS: Weeping silently to self

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