Welcome to my new blog

Hello, welcome to my blog.  Why is it?  Well, mostly I was tired of having so much stuff online that people couldn’t get to without logging in to something, or having me accept a friend request, or some other quasi-masonic ritual, so I’ve decided to collate it all here, along with other stuff that will live here and nowhere else.  Chances are you’ll find some book reviews, opinions of a generally frivolous nature, and an exhaustive and tedious account of everything I watched on telly last night.  Also, there’ll be news of my activities (if any) and loads of other things I haven’t thought of yet.  So stick it on your feed or whatever it is you’re meant to do with blogs, and see what turns up.  Bound to be something you like.  Eventually.  If you wait long enough.


One Response to “Welcome to my new blog”

  1. Good luck with the blog Richard. I am really enjoying what I have read so far and will be linking to it from my blog.

    That should get you another 2 readers at least. My influence is boundless.

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