Clara Bow and Swastika

Here’s silent film star Clara Bow, sporting an outfit with a swastika motif. This was before the symbol had become irrecoverably associated with fascism, and is used here purely decoratively, but it’s quite a striking image.


2 Responses to “Clara Bow and Swastika”

  1. Though for a private school mine was fairly liberal, it was still subject to certain archaic traditions. My House, Upper, had for its symbol (though it was massively played down to the rest of the shool) the swastika – of course in it’s original form. I may be wrong but I think the Nazis mirrored the original motif. Unfortunatley our symbol was freestanding so depending what side you viewed it from it could be incredibly offensive. Every year tradition ‘dictated’ this symbol was bought out into a candle lit room by our GERMAN housemaster. Bizarre stuff. Admitedly the poor guy made a big point of how much he hated the symbol and how he had to do this “stupid bloody thing” . But it did look quite funny watching him work himself into a frenzy with a thick German accent whilst holding a swastika in a room lit only by candles with dozens of fresh faces staring at him.

  2. Good story. Are you sure it wasn’t Josef Mengele in disguise?

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