Has anybody else noticed how blatantly right-wing in bias ITV is becoming? What with Jeremy Kyle daily expressing an attitude to the underclass that Norman Tebbitt would find harsh, The Alan Titchmarsh Show consistently being used as a soapbox for tabloid rabble-rousers such as Nick Ferrari, the ITV news commentators practically wetting themselves at the idea of Gordon Brown and New Labour losing power, even Ann Widdecombe getting her own show, and the Loose Women in their alcohol-sozzled self-centredness embodying the right-wing anarchist philosophy of Ayn Rand, if only accidently, I’m half-expecting them to just launch a new game show called ‘Repatriation or Bust’, to be hosted by Nick Griffin, and be done with it.


2 Responses to “ITV”

  1. Middle Man Says:

    Now, I am far from a fan of Jeremy Kyle, as this will testify:

    But, I am not sure you can critcise right wing tendancies and use the word “underclass” at the same time.

  2. As this blog is sponsored by Foxy Bingo, I think you’ll find I can.

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