Eurovision injustice (Finland 1973)

As any Gina Gee fan knows, there are many travesties in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest, with truly great songs receiving negligible placings whilst far more tedious offerings go on to win.

Perhaps the greatest injustice, however, was in the selection for the song to represent Finland in 1973. There was no shortage of talent. This song, Super-Extra-Wonder-Shop by Nina (not of the 99 Red Balloons fame), a great slice of whimsical psych pop performed by young Nina and a a chorus of Finnish children, scandalously came last.

Next up was Seija Simola and Paradise, a glorious Free Design-style soft pop act, with their song 1, 2, 3.

Maybe that would stand a chance of winning and representing Finland in the grand final? No. They voted for this. Tom Tom Tom by Marion Tung. Bollocks.


One Response to “Eurovision injustice (Finland 1973)”

  1. Hello Richard. Came here following Scott Pack’s recommendation, and he was right. A fabulously oddball site, especially these clips.

    But I’ve long wondered about this – why do Finnish people always look so ill?

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