Jonathan Ross: Remember him this way

As Jonathan Ross looks set to go down in history as a granddad-bothering phone pest, it’s easy to forget that away years before the bulging pay packets and the mainstream talk shows, a lot of his output was dedicated to shining a spotlight on obscure subjects that would otherwise never get any TV coverage at all, such as in his masterful Incredibly Strange Film Show series from the late eighties, highlighting the work of Russ Meyer, Ed Wood, John Waters and the then-cult figure, Jackie Chan.  Just last year, Ross presented a fascinating documentary on the comic book artist Steve Ditko.  Maybe it’s time for him to stop showing the outline of his penis to Sarah Brightman in the name of entertainment (a service that could be more than competently provided by Anne Robinson) and get back to what he’s best at – communicating his passion for the weird fringes of culture to a mass audience.


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