Love and Marriage – Psychedelic style

I’m currently reading Eye Mind, a book by Paul Drummond about the psychedelic pioneers the 13th Floor Elevators. The Elevators were notable for containing in their line-up one Tommy Hall, lyricist and electric jug player, who essentially blew into a wired-up jug in order to make a blipperty-blopperty noise all over the songs. What caught my eye was this description of him from one Clementine Tausch:

I met Tommy in the Chuck Wagon. I used to go there every day and have lunch and I met Tommy. He was bearded and very arrogant, and I instantly disliked him and continued to dislike him for a full year. There was something about the way he just sat there and was really smug that bothered me… He walked around in bermuda shorts with whit gym socks – a real unattractive cat – he stood out in his unattractiveness.

Oh dear. Not making a good impression so far, are we, Tommy, you jug-blowing, Bermuda short-wearing freak. But then, Clementine goes on to say:

I think the reason I fell so madly in love with him is that when he stopped being so unattractive, he looked so good in comparison, and it blew my mind. He got into Edwardian suits, and the first time he washed his hair and didn’t plaster it back with grease, it was stunning.

Well done, Tommy, due to your clever strategy of dressing so badly, absolutely anything, including dressing like a teddy boy in mid-60s Texas, is going to look good in comparison, you’ve gone and got the girl!

Tommy and Clementine would soon be married. Sadly, it didn’t last. Maybe the white socks, Bermuda shorts and grease crept out of the drawer again. Or maybe it was the arrogance and smugness. Still, merely through going blipperty-blooperty in a jug (and being a great lyricist), Tommy made a significant contribution to world culture. See proof below.


2 Responses to “Love and Marriage – Psychedelic style”

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