Benny, Bjorn and Bergman

Many mock the videos of Abba for their clunky dance routines, kitsch over-literalness and outrageous knitwear. I, however, rate them much more highly. I believe them to be firmly entrenched in a great Nordic tradition, encompassing the art of Edward Munch, the plays of Ibsen and, of course, the films of fellow Swede Ingmar Bergman. Watch the clip below from Bergman’s Scenes From a Marriage and, once immersed in despair, dive even further into the void with the video for The Winner Takes It All. See how both strip bare the hypocrisies of bourgeois life, revealing a world of seething pain and unfulfilled desire lying just beneath the surface. In fact, I can now exclusively reveal that many of Abba’s videos were in fact directed by Bergman, a secret he imparted upon my visit to his home on the island of Faro, but made me pledge not to share until after his death (at least that’s what he think he said. He was speaking in Swedish at the time, a language of which I have no grasp, but I’m pretty sure I heard the words and ‘Super Trouper’ and ‘Fernando’. If I’m honest, the rest just sounded like the Chef from the Muppets). Anyway, watch the two videos below, and I think the truth of the matter will be quite evident (Sorry about the karaoke lyrics in Spanish, but that’s the only version of the video that you’re allowed to embed. No doubt they don’t want close analysis, in case the secret gets out. But now we know. Now we know. Not sure why the Bergman has karaoke lyrics though. Maybe karaoke Bergman’s big in Sweden).


One Response to “Benny, Bjorn and Bergman”

  1. I absolutely agree! The video for Knowing Me Knowing You is so Bergman!

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