Teen TV

These days, teenagers are represented on television by programmes like Skins, in which they live absurdly hedonistic lives full of drugs and sex, punctuated only by the odd death of a family member or serious hospitalisation of a friend. If your life is not as intense as this, it implies, then you have failed as a teenager, and deserve to be spurned by your peers who rightly see you as an emblem of death, as happened to the Welsh girl at the end of Series 2.

Things were not always thus. In the eighties, teenagers on TV generally just moped about looking forward to the moment they could sign on whilst hanging about slabs of concrete hiding from skinheads who wanted to duff their heads in. On no account would anybody have any fun, but on the plus side, your girlfriend would look like she was in the Human League (or else be Linda Robson). Check out the strangely comforting bleakness of the clips below and escape to a more innocent time of no prospects and overwhelming despair.

And finally, 80s teen alienation expressed through the medium of acid folk:


2 Responses to “Teen TV”

  1. One of the kids in Dodger, Bonzo and the Rest went to my school. I think it was his first and last acting job. Nice enough chap though.

  2. Craig David went to my school. He was five years below me and I didn’t really know him, but I do feel I steered him in the right direction. He was doing some Michelle Gayle-inspired material at the time that wasn’t really working, so I took him aside and said, ‘Craig, two words. Bo. Selecta.’ I didn’t know what those words meant, but thankfully he did, and the rest is history.

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