It’ll have your eye out

Here is an interesting photograph.  Other than the obvious two, there are three further points of interest.

1.  It is of recently deceased fifties glamour model, Bettie Page.

2. It was taken by silent movie comedy great Harold Lloyd.

3. It’s in 3-D.  If viewed through the appropriate glasses, the experience should be reminiscent of Granville being comforted by Nurse Gladys Emmanuel in Open All Hours.

Apparently in later years, Lloyd was a keen experimenter with the stereoscopic camera, taking pictures not only of Page, but also Marilyn Monroe and various Hollywood starlets, some of whom had their boobies out at the time.

A selection of these can be found in Harold Lloyd’s Hollywood Nudes in 3D, with text by Lloyd’s granddaughter Suzanne and, bizarrely, Hart to Hart’s Robert Wagner. It comes with a pair of 3-D glasses modeled on Lloyd’s own iconic pair.

Harold, immediately after taking above photograph of Bettie Page.


2 Responses to “It’ll have your eye out”

  1. I am appalled to see that this is your most viewed post. To my credit, the third time I clicked on it, I did read to the end. Now I’m off to find a couple of Quality Street wrappers to look at the picture through.

    Nice Open All Hours reference by the way. Roy Clarke must surely be the kind of disappointing sitcoms (after, perhaps, Eric Duty Free Chappell). Why is it that every frigging cast member of Last of the Summer Wine has died, to be replaced by ‘younger’ cast members, when all we really want is for Clarke to peg it so that the damn thing can stop once and for all?

  2. King! The king of disappointing sitcoms! It doesn’t even make any sense otherwise.

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