Speak of the Devil…

Here is an example of the ‘educational material’ they used to show us in school. The sick bastards.


4 Responses to “Speak of the Devil…”

  1. Derek Thompson Says:

    Richard, you have a wonderful magpie mind and thank god for that. And probably too much time on your hands! Now, if you could find footage of Vidar and the Ice Monster from a Staurday morning show some time in the 70s, I’d be very impressed!

  2. Ah, Jigsaw, how I loved it, probably because it appealed to my slightly anally retentive/autistic mind, a little like all the Johnny Ball shows. In fact anything by Clive Doig was all right by me (with the exception of Trackword in the Radio Times). Puzzle Trail, that was another.

    I’m just naming TV shows now. You can stop reading.

  3. I’ve been having sporadic flashbacks about this for years. Could never put my memories into words, couldn’t remember the name of the prog it was on, just frail, distorted images in my subconscious.

    I’d turn the lights back on but I’m scared of what I might see.

    (Was this on just before The Great Egg Race?)

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