E.T. votes Republican

A comedian, a president and an alien.  But which one’s which?

The late comedian and UFO obsessive Jackie Gleason apparently claimed that Richard Nixon once showed him the corpses of aliens found in a crashed UFO and were stored at a Florida air base. Bill Clinton, meanwhile, is known to have an interest in UFOs (a book on the Roswell crash was noted as being in his office in the Starr Report), but claimed that no one in the US military had told him anything.

So either Gleason was lying (or the people who said he told them this were), and Nixon had not shown him any alien corpses, or else Clinton was, and the military had actually revealed to him what they had. Right?

Not necessarily. Is it conceivable that not all presidents are let in on the secret?  The most obvious difference between Nixon and Clinton is that the former was Republican, whilst the latter is a Democrat. What if it has been deemed that only Republican presidents can be trusted with this information? That would mean that while post-war presidents Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Bushes Sr. and Jr. would have been made aware of any alien secrets, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton and now Obama, were kept in the dark.

Revelations of this nature would surely be enough to blow anybody’s mind, reducing the more weak-willed individual to a state of confused idiocy, totally devoid of competence or even basic communication skills.


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