Urgent Alien Update

Full of aliens.


As we all know Just For Men hair dye targets only the grey hairs.  The question is – how does it know?  Is it possessed of some mysterious intelligence?

Answer – Yes.  Just For Men is, in fact, infested with a microbial alien life-form, that has found the perfect route to access men’s hair, and from there, their brains.  At a specific moment in the near future, all users of Just For Men hair products will have their minds erased, before speaking with the one voice of the future rulers of Earth, the Just For Men microbes.

It’s going to happen soon.  Stay alert.  And for the sake of all mankind, stay grey.


One Response to “Urgent Alien Update”

  1. Haha! I always wondered how it knows which are the grey hairs! And how does it match your original hair colour? Now I know – alien compounds. Thanks for solving the mystery.

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