Noel Edmunds shoots Clive Anderson again

Well, not exactly, but Chris Morris’ concerns about Edmunds’ sanity appear to be well-founded, as this clip from this weekend’s Noel’s HQ demonstrates.  At least, I hope Edmunds has gone mad, because the implications of some of his recent statements being the product of a sound mind are truly frightening.

You may think you speak for Britain, Noel, but you don’t speak for me. Unlike the elected representatives you disparage, no one’s ever been given a chance to decide whether or not they want you acting on their behalf. The only consensus of opinion granting you any authority is the one reached in your own orb-addled head. Now fuck off back to France, you hypocrite, and count your jumpers.


2 Responses to “Noel Edmunds shoots Clive Anderson again”

  1. In a controversial interview which will spark a fierce nationwide debate

    Quite. Where does he get his roots done?

  2. Just watched the clip. Christ almighty, do they hand out pitchforks and torches at the studio door?

    I remember reading about this on Charlie Brooker’s Screen Burn.

    This is not an entertainment show

    Spot on, Noel.

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