Story Competition

Who can make up a short story, or even a loose collection of words that vaguely resembles a story, inspired by the visual cues below? Place your efforts in the comments section. The winner is rewarded with a prize that lies far beyond mere material wealth.

Nothing. You get nothing, alright?


4 Responses to “Story Competition”

  1. Let that be a lesson to you, my friend. As a fellow blogger, I have learned never to invite specific responses to blog posts. It can only end in tears.

    And no, that wasn’t my entry.

  2. Everybody’s just thinking about it. There’s no closing date for the competition.

  3. if no one enters apart from me do i automatically win it?

  4. Not necessarily. If a suitable entry isn’t found during my life time, I may anoint a successor who will carry on the competition after my death.

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