Love Hotel City

I have a short story, ‘The Koshino Animation Company of Japan’, featured in the new Tokyo-themed 3AM anthology, Love Hotel City, out April 1st.  It’s edited by Andrew Stevens, and also features contributions from Stephen Barber, Paul Ewen, Steve Finbow, Michael Gardiner, Ken Hollings, Richard Marshall, Ben Myers, John-Ivan Palmer, Lee Rourke, Kenji Siratori and Steven Wells.  

Apparently I’m one of the UK’s ‘most subversive authors’.  I’m not sure what they mean by that.  I hope it’s a compliment, and they don’t think I fiddle with kids or anything.


5 Responses to “Love Hotel City”

  1. decoded

  2. secrets

  3. What, one word at a time? If I was to hire a secrets decoding company, I’d go for one that can do whole sentences, thanks.

  4. Congratulations. I want to read it to see if your short story is as good as your novels.

  5. Thanks Denyse. You can read one of my short stories here if you’re interested.

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