Recently, I wrote a light-hearted post about passive-aggressive popmeister Morrissey that happened to contain the word ‘penis’ in its title.

Since then, my dashboard informs me that people have been reaching this blog using some rather unusual terms in their search engines.  A few are just plain repulsive, and the individuals responsible would be well-advised to hand themselves in to the local police station for questioning, but the majority are relatively harmless (I think).  So if you’ve reached this page with some weird search term involving the word ‘penis’, I can see what it was you were looking for, and am laughing at you.  Ha ha ha, I’m going.  At you.  And your silly penis-themed search.  Ha ha ha.  I’m doing it again.

Anyway, here’s a selection for your perusal.


deformed penis

morrissey penis

penis disappeared

real penis of men

paris penis

penis in public

english man’s penis

deformed two penis’s

sweet penis

penis the world

penis pictures next to rulers

kurt russell penis

rare penis

penis de napoleon

penis painting

deformation du penis

microphone that looks like penis

my male penis

insanity penis

sunburn on penis

kevin bacon’s penis

penis disorder

penis around wrist

fox’s penis

structure of descended penis

large human penis

my big penis

strange penis

And my favourite…

penis of edmund of narnia


4 Responses to “Penii”

  1. Insanity penis indeed.

    Search terms people have used to find my blog include

    haughty breasts

    caning boys

    35 and still wet the bed

    and of course

    his penis was THIS BIG!!

    But I’ve deleted that photo now.

  2. For the record, my search was “phallic Hermes British Museum” (images). I was trying to identify a bronze statuette I recall being shocked by as a child of perhaps eight or nine.

    This was part of a general inquiry into the roles of Hermes in legend, which in turn sprang from an inquiry into the Trickster/Magician figure of the Tarot (identified by 19/20C occultists with Hermes).

    So thanks for the picture at the head of your blog (further details, please?) Not the artwork I sought, clearly, but of the same nature.

    “Penis of Edmund of Narnia”, I agree sounds fascinating; perhaps the start of a whole new legend along the lines of the lost organ of Osiris!

  3. stacy akin Says:

    you are a fagget

  4. And you are illiterate.

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