The Oddness of Charlie Shedd

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Like many, I was intrigued by this book that appeared on the legendary Fail Blog this week.  Why would anyone write a book with this title?  And just who is Dr. Charlie Shedd?  I had to know.

Well, it turns out that Dr. Charles W. Shedd (1915-2004) was an American Presbyterian minister and, according to the official website, ‘a master communicator  of homespun wisdom’.  ‘The Best Dad is a Great Lover’ is not an argument in favour of extreme wrongness, it seems, but a presentation of the simple truth that a good father should be loving, and therefore a good ‘lover’.

Shedd wrote over forty books, the quality of which I cannot possibly comment on having read none of them.  What I did find striking, however, was his talent for a really zinging title.  He really did have a knack for it.  Here are a few of my favourites.


How To Treat a Woman

The Exciting Church Where They Give Their Money Away

Grandparents: Then God Created Grandparents and It Was Very Good

Celebration in the Bedroom

The Fat is in Your Head

I’m Odd, Thank You God

Bible Study in Duet: Charlie and Martha’s Melody For a Happy Marriage

If I Can Write, You Can Write

The Stork is Dead

Talk to Me!


15 Responses to “The Oddness of Charlie Shedd”

  1. Missbear Says:

    I just googled this too after getting that email. It seemed very wrong. My favourive is “Im odd, Thank you God’

  2. […]  Wow.  That’s phenomenal.  And when I was playing around on the Toobz, I found that some guy was curious about the man who would write such an awkwardly-titled book, and that this book cover […]

  3. elaine burgher Says:

    he was my minister in houston when i was growing up….he was the best!!!!

  4. Barbara Collins Says:

    I used tapes by Charlie Shedd in a Lenten program over 30 years ago and some of his sayings and stories still come back to me today (2011). He had a knack for amking wisdom useful.

  5. Julie Williams Says:

    I just finished his book titled “Brush of An Angel’s Wing” and it was the best written book regarding Angels that I have read to date. He sure can write!

  6. I am “Ronnie” in the Brush of an Angel’s Wing. The story happened in 1949 when Dr. Shedd was pastor of the 1st Presbyterian Church in Ponca City, Okla. He changed the our names except my mother’s first name was Helen. She went by her middle name of Maxine. My family nickname was “Rusty” not “Ronnie”. Other than the name changes the story was reasonably accurate. I almost died after being flown in a DC3 to a hospital in Oklahoma City for an emergency tracheotomy and did not awaken after the surgery. I will let you read the book to discover what happened and why Dr. Shedd included my story in his book on angels.

  7. Joyce Travis Says:

    I read Charlie’s letters to his children years ago and then others followed including the one about his dear wife – Remember, I Love You. Just recently I recommended some of his books to our reading group at church and the ladies love them. I found his “little” books on the church and am thrilled about getting prayer groups started as in “The Exciting Church – Where People Really Pray: This is so needed today in our churches. Can anyone say they pray too much?

  8. I was baptized by Charlie at the same church that Elaine Burgher attended. My parents adored the man.

  9. I attended Memorila Drive Presbyterian when I was in college 1963-1967 & Charlie Shedd was our pastor…the BEST ever! I became very close to he & Martha; when they moved to Jekyll Island, he wrtote me several letters. I cherish them!

  10. Kathryn Thompson Says:

    I just found his book Remember, I Love You on my husband’s bookshelf – it was dedicated to several people, including my late mother-in-law! Imagine my surprise when I found a story about her later in the book! His wife was her basketball coach in high school. I now understand why this elderly woman (who I didn’t meet until she was quite old) was such a devout follower of basketball (and Jesus Christ). The book is wonderful…I wish I’d known him. Now I am trying to find more copies of the book, to pass on to the children and grandchildren.

  11. Charlie Shedd was one of the best ministers that I hve ever known. I would love to know where his chiildren are and what they are doing.

  12. Marlaine Moore Says:

    Dr. Shedd was our pastor at First Pres. in Honolulu, HI in the 70’s. He was an excellent pastor, teacher and preacher. Forty years later I still remember some of his messages. He was chock-full of wisdom and shared it in a wonderful style. He was the best. I have several of his books which he graciously autographed for me. I treasure them. Charlie Shedd and his lovely wife, Martha, were both delightful, caring individuals and a great blessing to many people.

  13. I happend to stuble across his book letters to phil in an old box of books someone was throwing out. I was about to toss it back but i just couldn’t. At that time my husband and I were really struggling in our marriage and I thought there’s no way he will read it. But I took the little book home with the other various books I had found. Well my husband found it laying around and started reading it (by the way he is not much of a book person). Watching him read it made me interested so I read it. We both really liked it and it got us talking. This little book changed the direction of our marriage and since then we have made a lot of improvements. Right now we are reading celebration in the bedroom. I strongly recomend any of his books.

  14. Charlie Shedd was our pastor as we were growing up in Houston. We started the church in our junior high school auditorium (Spring Branch Jr. High). This was sometime during the mid ’50’s. What finally developed was Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church. His daughter, Karen was in my class at school (Letters to Karen.)
    Charlie got us all involved in all the activities and so was he.
    We had something at our Wednesday nite meetings called “Search Sessions” that he led. We would close our eyes and anyone could ask any question that we wanted; any subject. We, as teens were full of them. He made us feel safe and loved and important.
    Charlie Shedd spoiled me for any other church. I am 68 and still looking.

  15. Hi! I attended MDPC in the mid-late 60’s & fell in love with Charlie Shedd. When he & Martha moved to Jekyll Island, we corresponded; I still have his letters. He was the BEST and I too at 67 am still looking for another Charlie!

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