Flying Saucer Rock & Roll Radio

The Devil talks to children via the radio.


I have recently been getting to Spotify which, for the uninitiated, is a massive online music library (over 6 million tracks, I believe, and growing) with high quality streaming audio.  It’s a very exciting thing indeed, the true level of its very excitingness I’m only beginning to grasp.

One of the very exciting qualities that it possesses is that you can make playlists from the tracks available and share them with other Spotify users.  Assembling these is a bit like doing a mix tape, only without the click between tracks where you press the pause button and the awkward seduction technique associations.

Because of this, I have been inspired to launch ‘Flying Saucer Rock & Roll Radio’.  This is not a radio station.  It is not even a radio show.  The title is totally misleading.  

It is in fact an hour-long(ish) playlist assembled by me, hopefully on a weekly basis.  It will consist of tracks arranged in an artful manner that are either favourites of mine, are considered interesting by me, or just have the power to really do people’s heads in.  

In this way, I shall demonstrate how music, and indeed all existence, is tied up with the opposing forces of ‘rock’ (Dionysian, destructive, spontaneous) and ‘roll’ (Apollonian, ordered, rational), with harmony achieved only by the mysterious balancing presence known variously as ‘and’, ‘&’ and ”n”.

In the first week, through the medium of music, we explore how rock ‘n’ roll itself is a) revolutionary b) conservative and c) from Mars, take a trip to three different moons of varying hues, find out what colours the respective Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are, and hear Paul McCartney inventing acid house. 

By this time next week I’ll have a link on the sidebar to the right that will take you to the latest playlist, as well as posting links via Myspace bulletins and Twitter.  Anyway, If you give it a play, please drop me a line, not least because otherwise I have no way of knowing if people are actually listening or not.  

So to hear the first one (if you’re based in a Spotify-friendly country, which as I understand it is much of Europe – bad luck, rest of world!) go here to rock, roll and, most importantly, &.


3 Responses to “Flying Saucer Rock & Roll Radio”

  1. I will have a listen once your link is up. There had better be some good music on there or I am stomping off in a huff 🙂

  2. There is good music, following the official definition of good music which is ‘stuff Richard Blandford likes’. There is a link already in the blog entry if you click on ‘go here’.

  3. Lol. Ok I’m a click’in.

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