Some stuff that happened


Giacomo Leopardi in one of his lighter moments.

Just a couple of things I’ve done over the past few months I’ve forgotten to mention.  I was a guest blogger at Scott Pack’s Me and My Big Mouth blog a while back, talking about 19th Century miserablist poet Giacomo Leopardi, and his somewhat odd collection of stories, Moral Tales.  Go and have a look at it here.

The Swiss Family Robinson

Also, a while back I wrote the script for a graphic novel adaptation of the tedious, unloved children’s classic The Swiss Family Robinson for an Indian company called Elfin Kids, now reborn as Campfire.  The finished book has now hit the shelves, in India, at least, although you can order a copy here, or you can buy an electronic version from Scribd (which has a preview).  The artwork by Amit Tayal is great, and it’s worth buying it for that alone.  The final script doesn’t really resemble what I actually wrote that much, but you can just about see what I was trying to do, if you squint.  Anyway, it’s out there, but you don’t need to consider it part of my official canon or anything.


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